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Rent a water cooler in 4 simple steps

Select a stylish water cooler to rent.

Select Your Cooler

Choose one of our stylish water coolers with hot or chilled water options, and we will provide ongoing support and aftercare.

Select how many bottles of what you would like.

Add Your Water

Select how many bottles of water you want. Our water comes in 19 litre bottles.

We’ll deliver and replace your water bottles monthly.

Add Accessories

If you’d like any optional accessories such as cups or bottle racks, you can add these to your package.

Secure Checkout

Secure Checkout

Once you’ve set up your direct-debit, you can sit back and your package will be on its way with FREE UK delivery.


How it works

Our water cooler rental packages are designed for simplicity and no-hassle hydration.
Choose your water cooler and how many bottles of water you would like. It’s that simple!

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Choose your new water cooler

Choose one of our great value, high-quality water coolers. We'll also provide you with a sanitisation kit with your package.

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Never run out of water

Regular scheduled water deliveries, with as many bottles as you need, ensure you never run out of high-quality water for your cooler.

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Installation & maintenance

We offer on-going aftercare and support from our friendly team of water experts.

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Free UK Delivery

We are able to save you hassle by providing FREE delivery across the UK, thanks to our team of efficient drivers.

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Built for your schedule

Our service is built with easy-use in mind. You can easily arrange deliveries, and change or pause water bottle quanitities whenever you please with just a few clicks.

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You're in control

Easily manage all of your orders online via our MyWater portal. View invoices, manage orders, order more water and much more. MyWater is available on all devices.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our bottled water refills are
the cheapest you'll find online.

  • Get 19 litre bottles of pure English water delivered to your door for just £6.50 per bottle (ex VAT).
  • That's just 34p per litre!
  • Free UK delivery and collection of empty bottles.
  • Our bottles are washed and re-used up to 50 times, helping to reduce the use of single-use plastic.
Free delivery and save money on bottled water

Introduce a water cooler into your home or office today.

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*Free delivery subject to location and availability


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our water cooler rental packages include free delivery of your cooler, sanitisation kits supplied every 12 months that provides four full sanitisations (we recommend you sanitise your cooler every 13 weeks), and for your peace of mind you have access to our call-out service for any issues with your cooler we will either repair or replace your machine.

We supply water in 19 litre bottles. Typically, a family of 4 will need approx. 4 x 19 bottles a month. A small business with up to 10 staff will need about 10 x 19 bottles per month based on a five-day working week.

We base our distribution on planned routes around the UK. This careful planning allows us to make cost efficiencies that we can pass onto our customers. This is the reason we can offer the lowest price for bottled water for coolers compared with any other water cooler supplier in the UK. Having a minimum order of 3 bottles allows us to be more efficient and pass on these savings to you. The efficiencies in ‘water miles’ we save doing this helps our carbon footprint, and along with our reusable bottles is a more sustainable way to provide drinking water to customers across the UK.

Our team can cover most of England, including major cities, for our water cooler rental and returnable bottle service (please refer to the map below).
In some circumstances, we may be able to deliver recyclable bottles via courier to other parts of the UK. If you have any questions about where we deliver, please contact our team or call us on 0330 123 3309. Map

When you checkout we’ll ask you to enter your details with GoCardless for recurring payments. You pay now for what’s in your basket, and have direct debit set up for recurring payments, which include your fixed water cooler rental, plus a variable cost for any water you order. Remember that you only pay for the water that you order.

GoCardless makes it easy and safe for you to set up direct debit payments. GoCardless is encrypted and secure and you are fully protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.

After you’ve placed your order, your water will arrive within 3-5 working days. (Update August 2022: depending on your location some water deliveries may arrive between 5-7 working days.)

Yes, you can - you are in control. Every 4 weeks we will send you an email to notify you that we are coming with your water. From this email you can change the quantity of your water refills or cancel the order if you don’t need any bottles.

Every 4 weeks we will send you an email to notify you that we are coming with your water. From this email you can change the quantity of your water refills or cancel the order if you don’t need any bottles.

You’ll receive an email informing you of the estimated date we will be delivering your water. If you’re not going to be in, we can leave the water safely outside your door, or if this is not possible you can contact us to reschedule your delivery at the next available date.

We are committed to reducing single-use plastic. Our bottles are returnable, so please keep your empties and we’ll collect them next time we come to your door to deliver water. If you’re not going to be in when we plan to deliver, please leave the empties somewhere safe for us to collect & add a note to the order when confirming.

Unlike other water cooler companies, we do not charge deposits on our bottles. We do reserve the right to charge for damaged or missing water bottles. Please check our terms & conditions for details.

Our water cooler rental packages have a 12-month minimum contract.

If you terminate your contract during the first 12-months agreement we will charge you the remaining rental due for the duration of the contract.

When you receive your cooler we’ll provide you with a Sanitisation Kit which contains a year’s supply of sanitising, providing a total of 4 sanitisations. We recommend you sanitise your cooler every 12-13 weeks.

If you need water before your next scheduled delivery you can order via our MyWater customer portal. You’ll have a unique login to manage your account and place orders should you need them.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a unique login and link to the customer portal by separate email.

You can access all invoice and billing information through your customer portal. You will be able to view historic billing information as well as invoices for your records.

Yes, they are. On average our bottles are re-used 40-50 times and then recycled.

Our ‘build your own’ rental package is best suited for homes and small businesses. If you are a large business, school, public sector, then get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

We're a proud part of the Culligan family of commercial water companies. Leveraging the resources within the Group, we are able to provide the highest quality products, and the latest in drinking water technology. Our drinking water companies include Edgar’s Water, The Water Cooler Company, The Water Delivery Company, and Hydrate Direct.

The following companies are proud to be part of Culligan Water:

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